August 2014

August 15, 2014 – Rouxfus ran the Shrewsbury River Retriever Club Q today and WON and thereby earned his Qualified All Age field title. Brad Arington said Rouxfus has really started to put it all together and in today’s test he was absolutely perfect, pinning all his marks and 1 or 2 whistling his blinds. This put’s Rouxfus in a very rare pool of currently competing chocolates with the same titles. Way to go big brown dog!!
Roux QAA
August 17, 2014 – Rouxfus follows up his win two days later with a 4th place finish in the Westchester Retriever Club’s Q. That concludes Rouxfus’s summer New York trip. Under Brad’s training and handling, Rouxfus ran 6 Q’s. He made it to the fourth and final series 5 out of 6 attempts and earned a ribbon in 4 of the 5. Rouxfus earned a Jam, 4th, 3rd and a Win. Here is a picture of Rouxfus and his 4th place ribbonRoux 4th