May 2015

Rouxfus has continued his field trial training on a full time basis and he and I began to compete in Amateur Field Trials this spring.  Out of five tests, we made it through the first series 3 out of 5 times and almost to the third in one of the trials.  It’s ALOT of fun learning this new game which is so different from the hunt test world.  These tests are dog against dog where usually 50% of the field is cut after the first series.  But Rouxfus is special.  He continues to improve on almost a weekly basis under the guidance of our professional trainer, Brad Arington of Mossy Pond Retrievers.  Rouxfus will spend this summer in New York refining his skills and then he and I will compete this fall in the Amatuer Field Trials and perhaps even a Super Retriever Series event or two.