Meet Otter 2.0 – Repeat Breeding With Same Great Results

The first pick male of our first breeding of Rouxfus x Sugar was named Otter.  That dog has gone on to earn his Hunting Retriever Champion title.  Fast forward to our third breeding and you get Otter 2.0 owned by Tommy Kelly of North Georgia.  Same parents, same result.  An extremely intelligent dog with incredible drive.  Tommy says "I can't even start to tell you how smart this dog is.  It is amazing to be such a young pup and his ability to mark things.  I carried him dove hunting 4 times this past fall and I have not lost a bird."  Otter just turned one and recently went on a duck and goose hunt. "Otter had a 200 yard retrieve on this speckle belly goose.  He is a joy to hunt with whether it be dove, ducks or geese.  Otter has far exceeded my expectations of what I was after in a retriever." IMG_4150

Meet Captain – Duck Hunter’s Dream

This is Captain, owned by Chris Molinet of Fort Lauderdale Florida.   Captain is the product of the third breeding of Rouxfus x Sugar.  Chris called me way in advance of the breeding and said he wanted a chocolate labrador that he could train to become not only his best friend but a retrieving machine.   Today at a little over a year old, Captain went on his first duck hunt.  Chris was beyond happy with Captain's performance.  They had a great hunt, the first of many many to come for this team!Captain

Meet Kane – Incredible Looks With Skills to Match

This is Kane. Kane is a result of breeding Rouxfus to a beautiful, chocolate factored, high drive, black, conformation female. Cathy Montgomery of Earthsea Labrador Retrievers uses the Killingsworth labrador line as her genetic foundation. This line is known for its wonderful temperament, conformation lines and genetic soundness. Cathy wanted to bring a good looking field lab back into her genetic lines to get the "best of both worlds". She and I talked for a year before the breeding occurred. She is meticulous in what she wants in her breeding program. The result is nothing short of spectacular! Kane is a strong built, dark chocolate male. He is currently working on his Hunting Retriever title. What a handsome boy with the skills to get it done in the field. Thank you Jerry Imprevento of Field Dog Imagery for this wonderful shot.18121725_10208915520667259_8052093635792391895_o

Rouxfus Pup – Kam – First Hunt

Meet 8 month old Kam. She is from last year's breeding of Rouxfus x Candy and is owned by Brad Harris of Kansas. Yesterday she went on her first hunt and Brad said.... She was impressive this morning. Steady to the shot. Marked a great double. The future is bright with this one. She was watching a group of honkers go over in this picture. This breeding is being repeated in early 2017. If you are looking for next year's hunting companion it can't get any better than this! kam

Rouxfus Pup – Sam – On The Hunt

Meet Sam. He is owned by Merwan Massa of Darien Georgia. Sam is from a Rouxfus and Charlie breeding and is one strong good looking pup! Here is how Merwan described the hunt.....Best morning. Sam did great. He went deep into the brush and found 2 birds we would have never found. It was off the chain. The guy I went with was so impressed with Sam. I could not have asked him to preform better. Are you looking for your next hunting partner? Look no further than the upcoming litters Rouxfus is siring. merwan-and-sam

Watch Rouxfus on the full episode of The Fowl Life

B&B Kustom Kennels – Official “Home” for Rouxfus the Big Brown Dog

After a long day of training , hunting or appearing on the tv show The Fowl Life,  Rouxfus was looking for a better place to sleep than his plastic crate.  Brody and Bethany Rathman have come to the rescue!  They are currently building the offcial kennel for Coastal Creek's HRCH Cajun Roux's Red Dawn Rising MH QAA. Stay tuned for updates on the build! branding-logo

Rouxfus To Appear on Banded Nation’s “The Fowl Life” with Chad Belding

Rouxfus was invited to hunt with Chad Belding and The Fowl Life crew. Here is a sneak peak picture of the hunt coming to the Outdoor Channel this fall. Rouxfus Fowl Life Goose Decoys

Rouxfus Featured In Banded Nation’s Super Bowl Commercial

Banded Nation, producers of the popular hunting show "The Fowl Life" with Chad Belding released their Super Bowl commercial and Rouxfus was front and center!!!!!

It’s A Chocolate Kind of Christmas

Looking for a really well bred chocolate lab puppy to be your buddy?  Somebody who will ride in the truck, or retrieve your bird, or win a competition ribbon?  Rouxfus has sired 2 different litters which will be ready to go home in January.  Visit our puppy page for more details. Otter Goose